George Vassilakis at the age of 67 is expected to be one of the Historica guests. He wrote his own unique story at the Paradise Maroussi Race and with the Hellas National Team. He talks about cycling and, of course, Historica, which will take place in Rhodes from the 12th to 13th October.

What stays with you after so many years involvement with cycling?

“The truth is that I have been very bitter, because cycling could have had a better fate in Greece. It’s what they say every year – next year will be better. To the positive now, all these friendships and successes have been left to me. I have highlighted 16 athletes who have worn the jersey of our national team. Of course, I have fond memories of personal and team successes.”

What were the best moments of your competition years?

“Of course, memories are intense. I had finished in 3rd place in a 4000m Individual Pursuit in Rhodes. If I compare then to now, there is a huge difference. At that time the Rhodians were excited when they only saw a cyclist. There was a lot of love for the sport and the athletes. Now, this happens only in Europe, not in Greece “.

What memories do you have about races in Rhodes?

“If anything, the Balkan Championsips, where I could have done better. But I will always remember from that period, at races at the Velodrome and on the road, the love of the people for every effort I made. Those memories have been deeply engraved in my mind. “

Who would you like to see and meet again at Historica after so many years?

“All my contemporaries. Koudras, Manikaros, Voyiatzis, Krommydas, everyone. It’s a unique opportunity. “

What is your view of Historica?

” It will be wonderful and it has to become an institution and tradition. To remember the older athletes and for  the younger ones to learn about those wonderful years of cycling. “