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Conditions Of Participation

Participation in the rides will be limited to pre-1987 bicycles or those which have a vintage look and characteristics (assembled using vintage components or replicated parts similar to the original). Strictly No Mountain Bikes or modern racing bikes.

Gear shifters must be on the down tube. Modern day integrated gear shifting within the brake levers are not allowed.

Pedals with toe clips and straps. Quick release pedals are not permitted. While training shoes are not banned they are not in keeping with the ethos of the event.

Brake cables must pass outside the handlebars but other cables can pass inside the frame.

Both tubular and clinchers with inner tubes are allowed.

Helmets are compulsory and, where possible, from the vintage era. Participants are also requested to dress, where possible, in vintage or era specific clothing. Lycra and modern style clothing is not permitted. Please make the effort in keeping with the classic nature of the event.

Accident Insurance

If you do not have your own accident insurance, we give you the opportunity to make a limited time contract with the insurance company with which Historica works.

Other Details