George Pagounas, at the age of 53, will come to Rhodes and will participate in Historica, which will be hosted by the Hibiscus Cycling Club, from October 11th to October 13th. He started his cycling career in Faiaka Corfu in 1979 and stayed there until 1987 when he joined Panathinaikos. At the same time, from 1983 until 1991, he was a member of the Hellas National Cycling Team.

What stays with you after so many years involvement with cycling?

“The beautiful trips we made all those wonderful years, and the wonderful friendships we made which sill endure today. You know something, we saw the world before so many things changed. “

What were the best moments of your competition years?

“There were many good times. For example, when we raced at the World Championships. In 1984 with the Hellas National Team we did 50km in under an hour. In 1987 I won the Tour of Syria. Out of 9 stages I won 7. I took many national championships, there were many victories. “

What memories do you have about races in Rhodes?

“The races at the Rhodes Velodrome were something unique. It was the first in Greece. Only Rhodes had a track and this was very important for us. Also, I always went well there. I was racing fast and the memories were wonderful. The stadium was always. packed especially at the evening races. “

Who would you like to see and meet again at Historica after so many years?

“My old, good friend George Voyiatzis and other old athletes, Kanellos Kanellopoulos, George Katselis, the Vougiouklakis, Maniatis and many more”.

What is your view of Historica?

“The truth is that I’ve been thinking about it in recent years. I had suggested to two or three people to do something similar … a classic race to remember the past. Now George Voyiatzis and his colleagues have established the Historica. I must tell you that I started cycling again a year ago. I use my old bike, which is 30-40 years old. I will ride it when I come to Rhodes. “