Giannis Panagos at the age of 67 will be present at Historica. He started cycling in 1965 in the historic Colossus Cycling Club and was a member of the Hellas National Team from 1971 to 1974. He spoke about Historica, which will take place in Rhodes from October 11th to October 13th.

What stays with you after so many years involvement with cycling?

“It’s a magical moment when you get on the bike and you do not forget it easily. Many beautiful images, victories, successes, friendships and beautiful moments. The feelings are many and intense. “

What were the best moments of your competition years?

“All the trips abroad, the victories in Rhodes. I will never forget a race in 1971, when I had a nosebleed but still continued to race. With one hand I held my nose and with the other the handlebar. And we ended up winning. In 1973 at a circuit race in Turkey with the National Team, a few laps before the end we all suffered mechanicals. There were, of course, better moments, such as our victories in the championships, individually and in groups. “

What memories do you have about races in Rhodes?

“What happened then cannot be repeated. The stadium was full every day. Now there is no such interest in cycling. At that time we are talking about worship towards cyclists. “

Who would you like to see and meet again at Historica after so many years?

“I see the Rhodian cyclists often, we keep in touch. I would like to see Kanellopoulos, Dalipi, Kladi, Louloukos, Kaklamano and many more. “

What is your view of Historica?

“The truth is that I was pleasantly surprised when I heard there would be such an event in Rhodes. I was not expecting it. George Voyiatzis is full of surprises and this is one I wanted to happen. Such a cycling reunion should have taken place years ago. Better than ever before, I am very happy and excited to be at the inaugural event. “