One of the major figures of Rhodian cycling is Pantelis Manikaros, who at age 65 will bring the past to the present at Historica.

He made great progress in the sport with Diagoras and the Hellenic National Team. Despite the fact that he stopped quite young, he wrote his own unique story.

What stays with you after so many years involvement with cycling?
“Beautiful, good, pure times. Many successes and friendships even outside Rhodes, where they live until today. There were good and bad moments, like in all sports, but I always try to remember the ones that made me happy”.

What were the best moments of your competition years?

“There were many good moments, especially abroad. I will not forget racing in 1973 in Czechoslovakia, the Balkan Championships in Rhodes, the Mediterranean Games in Algiers and, of course, the fact that I wore the jersey of the National Team for about 15 years”.

Who would you like to see and meet again at Historica after so many years?

“A lot of people – Vaskos, Louloukos, Vasilakis and many others who have been at a great level in cycling”.

What is your view of Historica?

“It will remind everyone of the good times we had and I wish the organizers success. It will be an important event that I hope will go well and remind the younger generations of who built the sport that they enjoy today”.